Refund Policy

Website Refresh

Fees for your website refresh project are divided in two portions, 50% for design and 50% for development.
Design fees are only refundable prior to your consultation with a designer.

Cancellation of your website refresh project after the design consultation but before the development of the live site will result in a maximum refund of 50% of the fees paid for the project. There will be no refunds for after the site has gone into development.

Hosting Services

Hosting service fees are non-refundable.

Custom Websites

Each project has a detailed service agreement that must be signed by the client before work starts. Please refer to your contract for specific details.

Logo Design

Fees regarding your logo design are only refundable prior to your consultation with a designer. Since the logo fee is entirely based on the designers knowledge, expertise and time, once you have had your design consultation the amount that can be refunded will be based entirely on the amount of time spent and work completed.

This will be determined by your designer and account manager based on our hourly rate.

Print Products

Design fees for print projects are only refundable prior to the consultation, or the scheduled start date in cases that do not require a consultation.

Projects with hourly design rates may be refunded post-consultation less any hours consumed prior to the cancellation request.

Production costs paid to Helotechhelo LLC are only refundable prior to Approval. If it is determined that a production error* has occurred, claims made within 30 days of your “In Production” notification will be replaced at no cost. This determination will be made at the discretion of Helotechhelo LLC and the associated vendor upon receiving evidence of the damages/error. Rush shipping fees are non-refundable.

*Production errors do not include graphical elements on approved artwork (i.e. typos, incorrect information, color choice, fonts or imagery).

Clients Missing in Action

If you do not communicate with Helotechhelo LLC for a period of 90 consecutive days during any part of the design or development process, Helotechhelo LLC will honor its commitment to finish the project, but there will be no refund of any fees.